IV. Data writing and transmission#

This part of the book covers data writing and transmission. Data can be, for example:

  • command output

  • processed output of commands as dictionary, list or similar

  • information from monitoring system

So far, only the simplest option has been covered - writing information to a plain text file.

This section covers data reading and writing in CSV, JSON and YAML formats:

  • CSV - a tabular format of data presentation. It can be obtained, for example, by exporting data from a table or database. Similarly, data can be written in this format for further import into the table.

  • JSON - a format that is often used in API. In addition, this format will allow you to save data structures such as dictionaries or lists in a structured format and then read them from a JSON file and get the same data structures in Python.

  • YAML format is often used to describe playbooks. For example, it is used in Ansible. In addition, in this format it is convenient to write manually the parameters that should be read by scripts.


Python allows objects of language itself to be written into files and read through Pickle module, but this topic is not covered in this book.